General Fund (Area of Greatest Need) - established for unrestricted donations to the foundation or when a donor does not designate a particular fund. 

Cancer Fund - established to address the growing needs of individuals battling from and recovering from cancer.

Cardiology Fund - established to address the health care needs of heart and stroke patients.

Community Health Fund - used to address the unmet healthcare needs in the community and to pay for a dedicated community health coordinator who goes into the community to promote good health care in areas of need and for other nurses who provide community outreach services sponsored by the Foundation.

Diabetes Fund – used to provide educational materials to be used by patients who cannot afford to attend or do not wish to attend the diabetes educational classes at MRMC, pay for classroom instruction for diabetic patients who otherwise would not be able to receive such classes and to provide educational materials and tools to be used by MRMC staff during the instruction of diabetes classes.

Friends and Family Nutrition Fund – established to assist patient’s personal caregiver with their food and nutritional needs while caring for their loved one. This fund also assists in funding a food pantry to meet the nutritional needs of needy patients upon discharge from the hospital.

NICU Fund - established to provide unmet needs of the NICU babies and their families and to assist in providing a nurse to make home visits to newborn NICU babies and families to provide health assessments and parenting skills.

Palliative Care Fund - used for education of the MRMC staff to build an internal group of experts in palliative care and to build a palliative care program at MRMC while providing funds to renovate an area of the medical center to meet the unique level of care required at the various stages of a chronic illness.

Pediatric Fund - provides health care services to pediatric patients and their parents who are unable to receive them on their own.

Special Needs Fund - used to financially support worthy individuals in need of medications, medical supplies, medical equipment, and medical-related transportation, and for health care-related training and educational equipment from MRMC and not-for-profit community organizations, excluding requests for revenue generating medical equipment.

The Retreat Fund - provides funding for operation of the Retreat, a hospital hospitality house that provides overnight accommodations for Critical Care or NICU families while a family member/significant other or infant is a patient at MRMC. The Retreat also provides daytime accommodations for cancer patients who need to rest while undergoing treatment.

Wayne Medical Center Fund – established to meet the needs of patients, employees and the facility at Wayne Medical Center.

Women’s Center Fund- was established to address the needs of women who are battling and recovering from cancer, to provide cancer patients with wigs, various headpieces and camisoles during their medical treatment and to provide mammograms for patients who cannot afford one on their own.

William R. Walter Employee Assistance Fund - provides assistance to employees of Maury Regional Hospital and its affiliates when they are experiencing a legitimate financial emergency or are requesting education assistance for programs, that would enhance the employees’ healthcare careers and the care provided to their patients, but are not covered by MRMC’s tuition or scholarship programs.

Dr. Eslick Daniel Youth Health Initiatives Fund- provides educational materials and resources to community projects that improve the health care of young individuals.


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